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"We contacted James to come help us with our salt water tank at The Palmerton- Inspirit Senior Living. To be brief, James put us on a maintenance schedule that saved us money; upgraded our light fixture saving a ton of money and, found food the fish can’t wait to eat!! My boss is happy with an economical solution to the tanks needs. The residents are really happy with the clear “new” look and the fish are now fat and happy, period! Win, win, win with Hydros Reef!!!"

  - Michael H.                                    

"He put a fish tank in my school it's really cool if you need someone to install a fish tank for you this is the guy to do it for you like him."  

- Frank K.

"James was kind and generous enough to donate an aquarium to our not for profit school approximately two years ago. He has been an utmost professional and extremely diligent in cleaning and maintaining the aquarium ever since!
The students and staff have benefitted tremendously from the addition of the aquarium. It is a great place for students to go and watch the fish and decompress when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The sensory stimuli the aquarium offers, both visually and aurally, has a calming effect on all whom observe it.
James brings a variety of fish and is always available to answer questions and offer advice. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to aquatic life."

Lisa-Marie N. 

"The tank looks great, the fish look great, and the kids love it. Thank you Jim. 
- Lisa-Marie N.

The tank looks great, everyone loves  the new insert, we're so happy to hav you taking care of our tank. Thanks HydrosReef!

- Louise B. 

"Extremely knowledgeable, punctual, and pleasant to be around when he comes to service the tank."

- Dolly M. 

"James is professional and creates top-notch aquariums/ aquascapes. He really knows his fish, and uses sustainable methods, which I find incredible important with the issues the world's oceans are facing re: overfishing, coral reef death.

Fresh or Salt Water - Hydro's Reef is the answer :)"

-Jenn G.

"This guy is top shelf..contacted him about my new 250 gal tank and he had all the knowledge and help one could ask for...can wait to set it up THANKS JIM!" 

- Steve S.