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Giving Tanks

Giving Tanks is a program that is very near and dear to my heart, as I have a special needs child. We find places that have a need, and an interest in an aquarium, we find the donors and help do the fund raising for the program we install the aquarium and stock it, we train the staff, or we maintain the tank ourselves.

Aquariums are relaxing, stress reducing and educational t the same time. This is why aquarium are an indispensable resource for any school, special needs program, or a whole myriad of other worthy institutions. Sometimes these institutions can't afford to have an essential luxury, like an aquarium.

That is where "Giving Tanks" comes In.

It is often the private institutions like these that can't afford it, that would in turn benefit from the addition of an aquarium the most. The calming effects of an aquarium and involvement in the hobby can be life changing. And are at the very least highly stress reducing. 

So if you know of, or are, a special needs program, school, preschool, after school program, substance abuse program, or any other deserving institution, that would be interested in benefiting from the healing effects of having an aquarium contact us today and we'll get you into the tank of your dreams at little or no cost to you!